About Overly Manly Man Meme

Overly Manly Man is a meme originating from a very popular entertainment site Reddit. The first known submission to /r/AdviceAnmials subreddit was made on 24th September, 2012 by a Redditor rken3824. The first image macro contained a grammar mistake (woman should’ve been women) and it was pointed out by a Grammar Nazi with a username Scheusal, ultimately becoming the most upvoted comment on that thread. The most upvoted comment for that comment can easily be described as overly manly, thus fitting perfectly on that thread. Proper grammar is for english teachers and gays.

The image itself represents a black-and-white photograph of a man with mustache in a boxing stance. His facial expression, style and overall pose all make him look like a real old school alpha male who eats his meat rare and wins a gunfight with a knife. The man in this photograph has been identified as Mike Conley, an American boxer born in 1860 in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Mike was reportedly six feet tall with a body weighing something from 180 to 200lbs.

Colors? You mean those things woman and gays like?

Parks and Recreation Connection

About eight days after the explosive start of the meme, a knowyourmeme user Briham pointed out that the the photo of Mike Conley appeared with another manly man Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman), in the television series Parks and Recreation in the beginning of 2011 (Season 3 Episode 6, Indiapolis).

Ron Swanson Overly Manly Man

Search Trends

Even though it’s been only about two weeks since the first image macro was published, it’s easy to say that this meme has come to stay. The search index according to Google Trends is already 100 and we’ve seen dozens or even hundreds of new overly manly image submissions on various meme sites and Reddit. We’ll update this page at least monthly to keep track on the popularity in terms of monthly search queries, so if you are interested, be sure to bookmark this site or like our Facebook page to get the latest updates and information first!

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