Theodore Roosevelt defines patriotism

Theodore Roosevelt defines patriotism

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt was an overly manly man? In October 1912, he was giving a campaign speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the presidential candidate for the Progressive Party. Before starting the speech Roosevelt was shot to chest by a man named John Schrank, but the .32-caliber bullet didn’t do enough damage to stop him. After the incident, Theodore spoke for a good hour to people attending and was rushed to the hospital after that.

Vegetarian? Latin word for bad hunter


Overly Manly Man speaks Latin fluently, why don’t you just take his word for this and quit being a vegetarian (=bad hunter)?

My dinner is still in the woods

- Overly Manly Man

Third degree burns? Good, I needed some new skin

Third degree burns

Sure it hurts and needs lots of medical treatment to fix, but Overly Manly Man can see the positive side of anything. However, after third degree burns you’ll most likely need some new nerves, flesh and other stuff including the new skin.

Was I a boy scout? No. When I was your age, we had the war

Was I a boy scout? No.

Apparently some guy asked his grandpa if he was a boy scout when he was younger. Well, he wasn’t.

There's no such thing as strong coffee. Just weak people.

There’s no such thing as strong coffee

Overly Manly Man makes serious coffee, so strong it wakes up the neighbors. How do you like your coffee?

Goes to a porn site

Goes to an adult website

There’s nothing wrong showing your friends and close ones what kind of entertainment you’re enjoying in your free time. Just hit the share button and see what happens!

Overly Manly Man's lotter winning

Lottery win

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won an all expense paid trip to a tropical destination filled with luscious green forests, diverse wildlife and a native population that is just dying to meet you. You’ll go on long walks, explore subterranean caves and spend time ‘roughing it’ in native villages.

- richielaw

Overly Manly Man drinks Bud Light to sober up

This man knows how to sober up

Sobering up when needed is a talent of its own, but sobering up like the way Overly Manly Man does it, isn’t something an ordinary bloke could do. Do you get sober when you drink Bud Light? Share in the comments!

Overly Manly Man's vacation

You know what my vacation was?

Some people have nothing to do in their vacations but in the last century this one guy had a vacation full of action and excitement.
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Overly Epic Split

Who would have thought that a man doing a split while Enya plays in the background, would be manly? Read more…