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USA Prohibition ended 80 years ago

Prohibition ended 80 years ago

Did you know that almost exactly 80 years ago, Prohibition in the United States ended. For thirteen long years manly men of the USA couldn’t legally sell, produce or drink alcoholic beverages – not even beer. Scary, huh?

Overly Manly Man drinks Bud Light to sober up

This man knows how to sober up

Sobering up when needed is a talent of its own, but sobering up like the way Overly Manly Man does it, isn’t something an ordinary bloke could do. Do you get sober when you drink Bud Light? Share in the comments!

Coaster? That's for people who put their beer down

Coaster? That’s for people who put their beer down

This one is for the people studying over at the Georgetown University, I would say that this image emphasizes the No Sissy stuff-injunction, correct me if I’m wrong. Greetings all the way from the North-Europe!